Coenzyme Q10

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Regarded in many places as one of the most powerful antioxidants, the Coenzyme Q10 is very much like vitamins where it resides in every part of your body. To be precise, it is present in every cell of your body which means that without this coenzyme, your body basically do not function. If that happens in a long term, it could even lead to chronic health problems.

You can easily obtain the Coenzyme Q10 from a lot of foods where it usually comes in small amounts. However, if you take a lot organ foods like kidney, liver and heart, you will enjoy higher contents of this coenzyme. Apart from that, known sources of Coenzyme Q10 includes soy oil, peanuts, sardines and beef meat. If you are not taking enough foods with adequate levels of Coenzyme Q10, there are a lot of dietary supplement brands in the market which are available for consumption.

What does it do?
The most significant role that Coenzyme Q10 plays in your body is to let your cell produce energy to aid in growth and maintenance of the structure and overall health of your body. Coenzyme Q10 is a very powerful and strong antioxidant where it helps to protect your body from oxidative stress brought about by free radicals. Apart from that, this antioxidant plays a vital role in helping your body to digest and break foods to be channelled to their respective parts. This coenzyme is prescribed for patients with problems like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Deficiency and Symptoms
If your body lacks the Coenzyme Q10, it simply means that your cells are unable to produce enough energy which in return will cause a lot of fatigue problems. This could range from physical tiredness to mental fatigue like difficulty in concentrating and memory loss. In more serious conditions, you could experience pains like headaches and migraines.

Recommended Dosage
For adults, the recommended daily dosage that you should have in Coenzyme Q10 is between 65 and 100mgs. This however will be higher if you have health conditions like Alzheimer’s or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in which the doctor will prescribe you with more as much as 2,000mgs of Coenzyme Q10 per day.