Rutin is a type of bioflavanoid which is known for its antioxidant elements. It is often linked with being an accessory nutrient that works together with others in forming Vitamin C complex which is very crucial for healthy cells and in the healing of wounds. As such, a person who is lacking in Vitamin C will find that wounds take longer to heal while bleeding can sometimes be quite serious.

The main source of rutin is from apples while you can find a lot in other types of citrus fruits as well. Rutin is naturally available from many types of foods where it is found in black and green teas, buckwheat and figs while it can be sourced from dietary supplements. When it comes to apples, ensure that you are taking unpeeled ones in order to obtain maximum supply of Rutin.

What does it do?
The most prominent role that Rutin does is in its antioxidant properties. This is where it protects the body from the negative effects inflicted by free radicals over time. This simply means that your body becomes more susceptible to diseases in the long run if free radicals are allowed to linger for prolonged duration. Besides that, Rutin can help to reduce inflammation within the body while it is used as part of prescription for diabetes patients. Other conditions that rutin can help include intestinal conditions ad edema.

Deficiency and Symptoms
When your body is lacking in certain bioflavonoids, your cells are less efficient as before and this will lead to a lot of problems. If you have rutin deficiency, you will experience bleeding problems and this is most common in the nose, periodontal bleeding and hemorrhoids, among others.  Hence, if you are experiencing abnormal bleeding flow and wounds that do not heal normally, chances are you could be having this deficiency.

Recommended Dosage
It is recommended that a normal adult receive sufficient level of rutin per day. By eating an apple each day, you should have the adequate level of at least 25mg of rutin but if you do not have fruits or good sources of rutin in your diet, then you should be taking this through dietary supplements.