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Air Fresheners – This could cause infertility among men!

Air Fresheners – This could cause infertility among men

We are constantly obsessed with keeping our spaces scented and this happens in our cars, offices and homes. But did you know that air fresheners are actually quite damaging and dangerous?

The next time you decide to use these products, think twice!

In a recent study carried out by the Defence Council Natural Resources, it was found that there were harmful phthalates found in 86% of the air fresheners used in the test. If you haven’t already know, phthalates are among those listed as harmful chemicals together with the likes of pesticides and insecticides.

In fact, phthalates are commonly used in anti-foaming aerosols and plastic softeners as well as in fragrances, cosmetics and paints. Most phthalates used in daily life can interfere with the production of male hormone testosterone which means men can actually have a problem with fertility if exposed for long period of time.

Generally, there are 5 types of phthalates and one of them are causing newborn defects while harming the reproductive system of the adult. One of these 5 types are used in air fresheners. Besides that, it has been linked with causing respiratory-related problems like asthma and even to many types of allergies.

Putting this into perspective, having a well-scented space could be desirable and this works especially if you cannot stand smelly places and stenches. But if you are really going to use air fresheners, at least buy one which allows you to control the amount of scent released and try to minimize its usage where possible.