Hair drop remedies

Hair drop remedies

For anyone who has experienced any hair dropping, it would surely be a reason to be concerned. This is because hair drop might not always be linked to an aging process of the body.

In fact, the skin and hair is very much like any other tissue in the body which need a combination of different nutrients in order to continue functioning well.

One of the remedies to minimize hair drop is to ensure that your body is receiving enough proteins. Through proteins, your body will have a type of amino acids which is the main ingredient to build keratin. Keratin here is the substance that makes up your hair.

Apart from that, there are certain types of minerals that you should have so that your hair remains healthy and re-growth can be facilitated. Among the minerals that can help to reduce hair drop are as follow:

Calcium – this is the substance which is used to build strong bones and hair. It is very important that your body is receiving sufficient Vitamin D because deficiency will result in hair loss.

Iron – deficiency in iron in your body will cause a certain type of anemia because iron is an important agent of the hemoglobin.

Iodine – you must ensure that your body has a steady and healthy supply of iodine because under or oversupply of this mineral will cause hair loss.

Selenium –  this mineral is one which is usually needed in smaller amounts as compared to others. Despite needing only a small amount, it is vital in keeping your hair health.

Magnesium – magnesium is important to help your body absorb calcium. If your body does not get enough magnesium, it will cause your body to be lacking in calcium as well, which means that you might experience hair loss.

Zinc – Zinc is an important mineral used to facilitate the hair follicles’ cycle of growth. This is a vital phase because it will ensure that a new growth phase of hair can take place.

Generally, you must ensure that you have a very balanced diet with all the minerals present in order to prevent hair loss. In most cases, it would be better that your body absorbs and receives all the minerals that can maintain your hair health and prevent hair loss as it would be harder to take remedial actions later. Therefore, a healthy diet would be most important and more effective to avoid problems with hair loss.