How to start your own Low Carb Diet

How to start your own Low Carb Diet

If you are planning to lose weight, you will most likely come across the term Low Carb Diet. So what is it actually and does this program actually works? What a Low Carb Diet actually means is that you will be going through a diet with reduced carbohydrate because it is the mineral that is usually associated with weight gain.

Before you head out to start cutting down on your food intake or to dispel rice altogether, take note of several pointers.

Select the appropriate program

There are actually several types of low-carb diets and you need to find out which one suits you most. As Malaysia is very unique in terms of food and dishes, you might want to consider choosing the best diet program that suits your lifestyle. Some might tell you to forget about vegetables or fruits. However, you might need to minimize them. In light of this, consider taking more nuts like almonds while keeping a close watch of the diet pyramid.

Start easy

Don’t go cold turkey as it might be very damaging. Start with some changes where you can reduce the unhealthy diets. One step at a time, do not rush.

Take note of changes

The main thing you need to do is to cut out on sugar and starchy food. You must be kept informed about this diet so that you know what can or cannot e done.

Know your ‘friends’

In your own unique low-carb diet, figure out which type of foods are your ‘friends’ and stick with it. The hardest part perhaps is in the reduction of rice because it is Malaysia’s staple food and that means reducing that Nasi Lemak intake.

Create a game plan

Always be aware of what you need to have in the first few weeks at least. You might be doing well for the first 3 days and then have absolutely no idea of what to eat on the fourth and that would shake off the entire program.