The Many Unknown Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Many Unknown Benefits of Coconut Oil

Unknown to many, coconut oil is actually very beneficial to you. This type of natural substance is actually among the few plant sources that provide saturated fat through its lauric acid which is known to provide antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Coconut oil is able to expedite metabolism and help in diet through its medium-chain triglycerides.

Among the most known benefits of coconut oil is that it helps in improving blood pressure which can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes while helping to control the sugar levels in the blood which helps in reducing diabetes risk.

In some cases, coconut oil has the components that can help to reduce stress within the body and curb the risk of cancer. The positive that one can draw from coconut oil is that it is very much a tropical fruit which is easily available in countries like Malaysia.

Research has shown that when coconut oil is added to the diet, it could reduce belly fat. This will help to fight abdominal obesity which was substantiated in a research in 2009 where women who consumed coconut oil showed significant decrease in their waistline sizes.

Another significant finding is that coconut oil helps to improve the cholesterol levels in the body which means that it will reduce hypertension that could lead to many known health diseases.

An attractive factor in consuming coconut oil is that according to a study, it helps in weight loss efforts and it is easily available in natural-food stores.

It is important to choose the best and most suitable type of coconut oil where the extra-virgin ones are the most appropriate. It can be used as the replacement for butter when baking while being used to make smoothies too. Products that are made with the whole coconut are rich in fiber and protein too, making it an extremely interesting option for preparation of food.

Coconut Oil Have Healing Powers

  • Besides that, coconut oil can actually help in many healing methods when used with other products.
  • When used with coffee, it can have exfoliating effects for the face.
  • Coconut oil and baking soda makes good toothpaste than the ones you buy from the shelves.
  • Use coconut oil on the hair and it works wonders as a conditioner.
  • When used for cooking, it is a lot healthier than conventional cooking oil.
  • This can be used as shaving cream which is very kind to the skin as well as lip balm. It is a great baby lotion too. Coconut oil can be used on the skin if you have sunburn.
  • Naturally, you can use this as deodorant and a make-up remover too. On the other hand, add some activated charcoal and you get a natural eye-liner.
  • As medicine, coconut oil can be used to cure colds as well as to sooth mosquito bites.
  • It can be used as lubricant which is extremely healthy and perfect for massages.
  • When added with liquid castile soup and water, you can use it as a shampoo or gargle with this as mouthwash. It keeps the breath fresh too.

Candida Overgrowth
Besides that, coconut oil is known to be one of the best natural treatment for candida which is a type of fungus that can occur in your intestines and your mouth that when it overgrows causes a lot of digestive issues.

When this happens, you will experience something called a ‘leaky gut’ and that could lead to some problems with your digestive system. What actually needs to happen is that the healthy bacteria will keep the levels of candida regulated but when it grows out of hand, it can have very painful consequences. Among the reasons that this can occur includes drinking too much alcohol, consuming food high with sugar and carbohydrate and when you have taken antibiotics which are too strong for your gut.

When you experience fungal infections in your nails, chronic fatigue and digestive problems like constipation or bloating as well as infections in the vaginal areas, then you might be having candida overgrowth.

You will be prescribed with anti-fungal cream or oral antibiotics but you can use coconut oil as well. This is because coconut oil has caprylic acid which is known to kill candida fungus very well. You can drink coconut oil as an alternative to creamers in your coffee or better still, use it for cooking instead of the usual oil.

Coconut Oil Clears Parasites and Fungal Infections 

This cheap and easy method will clear your parasites and fungal infections within days

There are many detoxification programmes that will clear your body from all the unwanted toxins and waste. While most of these programmes are designed to clear out what your body does not need anymore, some are not very specific.

Using a simple method and process, you can now specifically clear out the toxin while flushing out any bacteria which is harmful, parasites and fungal infections. All you need is the wonders of coconut oil, which apart from being able to do this has other beneficial uses as well.

Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides which aids your immune system in staying strong and vigilant. Inside coconut oil, you can have a lot of caprylic and lauric acids known for their antimicrobial and antiviral elements. Coconut oil has been found to kill yeast and fungal overgrowth within your body while it helps to enhance your joint functions and balance up your intestinal flora.