Risks of going vegetarian

Risks of going vegetarian

Staying healthy is a good thing but is there such a thing as being ‘too healthy’? That would most likely be the mindset if you are going vegetarian, more so if you are on a vegan diet. But did you know that there are some dangers with entering this this realm?

Vegan diet and its dangers

There are a few effects of going vegetarian really. Among them, you might experience:

  1. Loss of energy
  2. Skin problems
  3. depression
  4. Malnutrition

How dangerous is that?

One thing for sure, if you are on vegetarian diet, then your body starts to lose (or deprived) some nutrients. This is when your body start asking for it. It becomes a lot more critical after a long period of time. Among those that you might be lacking include:

  1. Vitamin B12
  2. Protein

The 2 nutrients above are very much needed by your body because they supply you with energy. Without them, you will start facing problems like fatigue and tiredness.

What does it mean to be a vegetarian?

What you do when you are on a plant-based diet? It simply means that you avoid all types of meat. Red meat in particular would help you to reduce risk of obesity. A lot of weight-loss programs will encourage this step. When you take the step further by being vegan, then you take out more options like:

  1. Eggs
  2. Cheese
  3. most dairy food

While it might reduce saturated fats within your body and consequently reduce your risk of cholesterol and sugar, it could have some side-effects.

What happens when you lack Vitamin B12

Basically, Vitamin B12 gives your body energy. They are rich among fish poultry, cheese and eggs. Vitamin B12 maintains the health of your nerve and blood cells. In fact, it helps in the creation of DNA which your body cannot make on its own. If you are taking a vegan diet, then you better be taking a Vitamin B12 diet. Without it, you will experience a lot of tiredness and get there very quickly. This will then affect your mood and could well lead to depression.

What about protein?

Protein helps to supply your body with energy and to maintain your muscle health. This means that your nails, hair and skin health are all related. When you do not get enough of this, your body starts crying out and that is where unusual acne will start to surface. Meat is actually the best source of protein. As a rule of thumb, men will need about 65 grams of protein each day while women about 55 grams.

Replacement foods – Are they safe?

Having said that, you can supplement the lack of protein and Vitamin B12 through supplements and maybe alternative foods. But are they safe? What you tend to do is to take refined carbohydrates but that is one thing you should minimize. Ensure you take foods that are high on fiber. Another option you should avoid is protein shakes. There are a lot of synthetic sugar here that might cause inflammation especially in your digestive tract.
Take note that taking too many beans and vegetables will only result in bloating and could cause discomfort to digestion. The idea is to take everything in moderation. A vegan diet sounds good on paper but might not be the best in practice.