Top productivity boosting foods

Top productivity boosting foods

What you eat could potentially affect your general health. In fact, it keeps you from putting on weight and avoid any health problems. But besides all that, did you know that there are foods that you can take which not only boost your energy but productivity as well?

Productivity? How do you measure?

The main idea here is to ensure that you can focus and stay focused! You will notice how much better you work if you do not feel sluggish during the afternoons (especially after a heavy lunch). If that is a common symptom, perhaps it is time to switch your diet to something more nutritious.

Best foods for productivity

Take note that not every type of leafy vegetable or fruit will give you what it takes to stay focused throughout the day. When you are having a meal, whether it is breakfast or lunch, try to take the following:

  1. Beets – This food is most popularly known for boosting brain health. It is at the top of this list solely because of this. When your brain is functioning well, you do not feel tired. Its compounds are great vasodilators that help to enhance blood flow
  2. Salmon – This might not be the best food to have during the day (as it is not always available during lunch), but ever wondered why the Japanese are so efficient and energetic? Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, your mental energy gets a boost and helps in memory too.
  3. Broccoli – This superfood is in almost every healthy food list. Its fiber is great for general health. Rich in choline, it is a great ingredient to boost your memory and brain power. Have this in the morning and it keeps you going throughout to evening.
  4. Green Tea – another food that has been trusted by the Japanese. Green tea helps in many ways including enhancing memory power, attention span and helps to reduce anxiety and stress
  5. Eggs – This is quite common in most breakfast. Malaysians love their ‘Telur Setengah Masak’ or half boiled eggs. Otherwise, go for scramble eggs or omelette with vegetables. They have choline (like broccoli) which is great for the brain while a rich source of protein to help boost your energy.
  6. Almonds – Known to supply energy for the body, this nut is great for enhancing brain health. In fact, taking one ounce of almond would give you about 40% of your body’s need for Vitamin E.
  7. Sweet Potatoes – Great to take this for breakfast. You get a lot of carbohydrates and is known to be an excellent agent that helps to stabilize blood sugar in your body. This is where you will enjoy a consistent stream of energy throughout your body that ensures that you are energized and focused throughout the day

How does it all add up?

Of course, your diet cannot include only those that are in the list. You must balance it with a proper diet. After all, having something excessively is never good for any one. Get enough rest if you want a good focused mind. Your sleeping patterns should not change because it is most crucial.