Diabetes can be triggered not only through food. Here is the list!

Diabetes can be triggered not only through food. Here is the list

Diabetes have been known as one of the top killers in the world. Malaysia is not any better as the Malaysian diet contains high levels of sugar. This is most common when you like your Teh Tarik and your Nasi Lemak in the mornings.

Diabetes all about sugar?

The truth is, it is yes and no. While you can minimize or avoid taking a lot of sugar in your food, there are natural ingredients in other foods besides manufactured sugar which could cause diabetes. If you are not aware of this, then you could be at risk and at a very high one. So, be aware of the chemicals you are taking into your body and we list out the most dangerous triggers.

Not only in food

One thing for sure, it might not only in food that you might get diabetes. Studies have shown that there could be chemicals that will lead to type 2 diabetes. As such, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that the indoor air quality is at its best. Here are some of the chemicals you should be cautious about.

  1. Arsenic – It is surprising that this damaging chemical is found in oil, a lot of food and in your water. In fact, arsenic remains as one of the hardest chemicals to avoid. In fact, a recent study has proven that more than 100 million people across the world are taking drinking water which are contaminated with arsenic. This leads to impaired glucose tolerance which increases your diabetes risk tremendously. Take note that foods like rice, protein powder (juice) and chicken are known to contain arsenic
  2. BPA or Bisphenol A – You will notice this if you have a child at home. BPA is often found in plastics and toys. In fact, they are in canned foods as well. If you are exposed to too much BPA, it could lead to impairment of insulin and glucagon secretion. Polycarbonate bottles have among the highest levels of BPA. This is the common ones used to feed babies. While most of these plastic products now are BPA free, they are known to contain BPS which would be equally as damaging.
  3. PAHs or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Naturally created in coal and crude oil as well as in cigarette smoke. If you are a barbecue lover and cooks meat in high temperature, then this chemical could be produced. So, take precautionary steps to avoid this.
  4. Phthalates – Commonly used in plastics, they are a type of chemical to help strengthen the contents so that they are more flexible and transparent. In a recent research, there was a direct correlation between phthalates and diabetes while some subjects experienced hypertension and heart diseases too. A lot of industrial and consumer products use phthalates. This includes household cleaning agents, cosmetics and packaging material. Go organic if you can with your cosmetics and use natural cleaning agents
  5. Mercury – This is one of the most common name in damaging chemicals. Besides causing all types of health problems, diabetes is one of them. Besides found in high concentration in mining and coal burning, they are found in many types of fishes like swordfish, king mackerel, big-eye tuna and sharks. Reduce any intake of these fishes and you will reduce your risk of diabetes
  6. Pesticides – No list is every complete with Pesticide when it has to do with damaging material. Pesticides are the most commonly used agents in agriculture and many of these chemicals remain in the foods even after they have gone through many levels of processing. Taking organic food would be your best chance to avoid this risk.
  7. Nickel – In a recent research, it was found that nickel was related to diabetes particularly to many in Asian countries. Nickel is very common in industrial areas especially when there are fumes and smokes. As such, welders are very much associated to this risk.

These triggers are very commonly found in a places which are highly industrial. However, without the proper knowledge and information, we are very much exposed to these chemicals without knowing it. While not every agent will cause diabetes, any irregularity in your health will surely trigger a problematic condition later. Detergents, home cleaning agents, kitchen fumes are all equally as risky. Take note, take cover and most of all, take great care.