Best foods to be Juiced for Tip-Top Health

Best foods to be Juiced for Tip-Top Health

Eating foods rich with vegetables and fruits might not go well with everyone but most will know the benefits of doing so. Hence, if you are among those who wants to achieve the best health but do not like the taste of greens and fruits, juicing them might be your best solution. Besides giving your body the minerals and fibre it needs, it can help you to lose weight as well. We list out some of the best foods you should drink to achieve this.

Brussels Sprouts – This vege is among those in the list with almost no calories. It might not taste very good but they are extremely healthy and good for digestion.

Celery – This vegetable is rich in fibre and has a lot of water. When you drink this juice, it clears the toxins from your body. You will urinate more frequently.

Cucumbers – Helps to promote hydration, it is a detoxifying food and rich in fibre.

Carrots – This food is great for vision health and they are among the common favourites.

Lemon – This is almost a no-brainer as it regulates your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Ginger – This superfood is in almost every healthy-food list. Only a tiny amount and you will notice that you release ‘gas’ more frequently.

Cranberries – Another berry which does not taste very well but rich in antioxidants that can combat free radicals and its negative effects

Kale – Kale can be combined with other foods to create juice where it helps in weight loss. Besides that, kale is known to be among the foods that can destroy cancer cells.

Beetroot – Its Betalain ingredient is its most powerful weapon against fighting free radicals and other threats.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This helps to promote better digestion as well as for detoxification.

Cabbage – Rich in fibre and it has been found to reduce your risk of terminal diseases like heart attacks and cancer.

Parsley – A lot of people cannot stand the taste hence juicing it might be your best way of consumption.

Tomatoes – Often associated with lycopene, it is among the most popular foods turned into juice.

Watermelon – Easiest and perhaps most popular. It helps to hydrate the body and get rid of salt but could increase sugar along the way.