Top High-Estrogen Foods to Avoid

Top High-Estrogen Foods to Avoid

Did you know that there are more harm than good in your daily foods if you are not careful? They are known as estrogen. If you are not careful with what you take, these are the agents that could potentially kill you especially if taken over long periods of time.

Dangers of Estrogen

Make no mistake about it, foods which are high in estrogen could damage your hormone balance and to make it worse, it happens silently. Among the problems that you could potentially face if you take too much estrogen includes:

  1. Chronic Fatigue
  2. hypothyroidism
  3. male infertility
  4. Immune dysfunction
  5. Some types of cancer

You should be aware that cancer is among the top killers in Malaysia if not the world. You won’t want to be in the estrogen-dominant category of people. This is because it would mean you are at risk of having tumors, cysts, cervical dysplasia and fibroids, among others. So, what should you start taking note of? Here are the top ones.

Grains and Wheat

In a recent study, it was found that zearalenone will effectively reduce the effectiveness of anti-estrogen drugs used for treatment among women who are experiencing post-menopause. This agent was found in many types of grains like wheat, barley and corn. The drug combination is palbociclib-letrozole and hence, patients of breast cancer should try avoiding these foods.


Soya has a type ingredient known as pythoestrogens. This has been known to have some good benefits for the body but depending on the age and body status of the person, soy could be really bad for health. This is because soy contains a lot of estrogen for the body. In a recent study, it was found that genistein is found in soya which has been known to reverse the benefits of anti-estrogen completely.

Food Additives

A few years ago, an Italian research found that there were estrogen-like effects with food additives. Check the label before you buy or consume. There are now 4 type of additives or hexylresorcinol which are used to preserve foods like shrimp and other seafood. They have been reported to have estrogen effects. Besides that, look out for propyl gallate. This is the additive used to preserve the likes of:

  1. Meat
  2. Chewing gum
  3. vegetable oil

Dairy products

We know its very difficult to live without dairy products. At average an adult consumes about 650 pounds of dairy and this contributes about 70% of estrogen. When you take meat of dairy products, it is difficult to avoid antibiotics and hormones. The problem is, a recent study showed that almost all types of food from animals have estradiol which is a type of steroid hormones that are produced naturally.

alcohol products

Men who drink a lot of beer could be at risk of testicular failure. This is because the plants used to create alcohol has a lot of estrogen. In fact, alcohol has been known to increase estrogen levels in the body which for female could lead to breast cancer.