Things you Absolutely Need to Know about Breast Cancer

Things you Absolutely Need to Know about Breast Cancer

Almost all women are scared of breast cancer. As cancer has always been associated to a death sentence, more and more women are consciously finding ways to reduce their risk altogether. The first step towards successful eradication of breast cancer is awareness.
Here is some useful information about cancer that you need to know!

#1 – Overweight Or Obesity Increases Breast Cancer Risk
One major factor that increases the risk of breast cancer incidence in women aged 18 years old and beyond is weight gain. According to the American Cancer Society, weight gain of at least 20 pounds boost one’s chances of developing breast cancer by 40%.
Breast Cancer Risk

– Synthetics Cause Breast Cancer
Chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of common products and food items contribute to the rising incidence of breast cancer. Phthalates, parabens, and sulfates that are ingredients found in beauty products used by women have been proven to further increase an individual’s risk of developing breast cancer.
Breast Cancer

#3 – Prevention Is Better Than Cure
To ultimately end our battle with breast cancer, women should implement ways to prevent its development. Regular breast self-examination, annual mammography in older women, and early consultation in the presence of warning signs are proven ways to halt the progression of the disease through early treatment and effective management.
Better Than Cure

#4 – Men Can Also Be Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
Studies reveal that about 1% of cancer diagnoses yearly occur in men. Men also feature mammary gland which automatically predisposes them to developing cancer. Although not as rampant or common in men, research suggests that lifetime risks of developing cancer of the breast in men is about 1/10th of 1%.
Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
#5 – Women Who Are Physically Active Have Reduced Risk For Breast Cancer
Women who exercise at least three times a week are known to have reduced chances of developing cancer by 30%. On the other hand, women living sedentary lifestyles gain unnecessary weight, which in turn leads to increased risk for breast cancer.
Physically Active
#6 – Not All Breast Cancer Cases Are Familial In Nature
A large number of breast cancer patients do not have a history of breast cancer running in their family. In fact, over 75% .of female patients diagnosed with cancer reported that they do not know of any relatives that have been struck with breast cancer in the past.
Familial In Nature

#7 – Estrogen Increases Breast Cancer Risk In Post-Menopausal Women
High levels of estrogen is strongly linked to breast cancer development. Excess fat tissues efficiently convert precursors into estrogen. The high levels of this female hormone in circulation has been proven to be the major culprit of breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

#8 – No One Dies From Breast Cancer Only
Advancements in the field of medicine has made it possible for doctors and specialists to treat breast cancer effectively. Those who unfortunately die from breast cancer are in the later stages of the disease or when metastasis occurs. Metastasis or spread of cancer to other vital body parts such as the brain, liver, bones, and lungs exacerbate the symptoms, resulting in permanent damage, or worse, death.
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