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Types of food you can take to reduce that belly bulge

Types of food you can take to reduce that belly bulge

Despite spending a huge amount of money and constant exercising, one of the hardest places that you want the fat to disappear is always on the belly. You tried and tried but you still can’t seem to shake off that bulge which keeps appearing and continues to annoy you.

If that has been your predicament, the good news is that there are certain types of food that you can incorporate which will gradually flatten that tummy of yours.

Whole grain food is known to be fiber-rich and they will control your body’s insulin response. One of the most popular drinks known to decrease inflammation is Green Tea. This beverage contains flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory agents while Green Tea has often been used in fat-reducing diet programs.

The Omega-3 fatty acidhas been found to be a great way to reduce belly fat. Take lots of flaxseed, fish and walnuts and try to reduce on omega-6 fatty acid and you could be on your way to a smaller waistline.

Another good practice is to drink lots of water. 64 ounces of water per day will be ideal to flush out the toxins in your body. If you exercise a lot, make sure that you replenish it by drinking 8 ounces more for every 30 minutes of work out.

Mono-saturated fats that are found in almonds and olive oil are great help to reduce your belly fat while take food with spices like cinnamon, ginger and garlic which are known to have inflammation-reducing elements.