Bitter Gourd – Nature’s Best Cancer Killer!


The bitter melon is not the friendliest name a vegetable can have because it naturally puts you off when you hear it. It is better known as Bitter Gourd or Goya while some communities call it the Balsam Pear or the Karela. Like it is always said, that which tastes bitter will be very good for you and that is exactly what this vegetable does.

In fact, the bitter melon is known to be quite miraculous. One thing about this green is that it is not as aesthetically inviting as the cucumber but has some ugly-looking bumps around it. The upside of the bitter gourd is that it is rich with minerals and vitamins like zinc, folate, beta-carotene, magnesium and others.

Recent studies have already proven that Bitter Gourd can help to reduce your cancer risk through its anti-cancer properties. Besides that, it has the following benefits:

Liver health – Bitter Gourd contains juice which can clean your liver. This helps your body to detoxify naturally while regulating the circulation of your blood.

Vision health – With a lot of beta-carotene, your vision health is enhanced. This helps to improve your eyesight and avoid many types of problems related to your eyes.

Hangovers – Bitter Gourd is one of the foods you can take to cure your hangover, among other methods. This is because it can speed up metabolism while repair damage done to your liver by alcohol.

Folate – Taking Bitter Gourds can be very good for pregnant women because it has a lot of folate which helps to reduce the risk of neural tube defects among infants.

Type-2 Diabetes – Bitter Gourd contains phyto-nutrient and polypeptide-P, both of which helps to lower your sugar levels so that your risk of Type-2 Diabetes can be reduced tremendously. Besides that, it can increase the synthesis of glycogen in your liver cells.

Energy and Immunity – When your liver is enhanced, your body produces energy better and your immune system is strengthened.

Skin Problems – Bitter Gourd helps to treat fungal infections like Psoriasis.

Digestion – With high levels of fibre, this plant can stimulate your digestive system to be better, enhancing your bowel movement and avoid constipation and other related problems.