Black Beans – Your answer to hair and digestion problems


Taking nuts and grains have often been associated with good digestion and overall health. One of the nuts you should consider is black bean which is known as turtle beans. Black beans are categorized as legumes as they are natural the seeds from this plant which is edible. In most cases, black beans are known for their high contents of fibre and protein, similar to the likes of most peanuts and peas.

Nutrition of Iron

If you take about one-half cup (about 100gm) of black beans, you will get about 300 calories. Within this content, you will enjoy about 19.5gm of protein and 14gm of dietary fibre. On top of that, there are no cholesterol and only 0.8gm of fat.

This means that you will be getting 55% of thiamine, 44% of iron, 37% of magnesium, 13% of zinc, 39% of potassium, 40% of phosphorus and 100% of folic acid that your body needs daily.

Health benefits of Iron

Bone and hair Health – Taking black beans will supply your body with a lot of calcium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and phosphorous which are all very beneficial to maintaining strong bones. As almost 99% of your calcium and 80% of phosphorous supplies are stored in the bone, this food will give your body the sufficient level it needs. Besides that, black beans gives you healthier hair and is often used in white hair remedies.

Cancer – Black beans has selenium. This mineral is not available in most healthy foods including vegetables and fruits and it can help to improve your liver enzyme functions. Selenium helps to prevent inflammation and can even reduce growth of tumour.

DiabetesDiabetic patients who take high-fibre diets have been found to lower their blood sugar levels and black beans will be a great addition to your diet in this area.

Blood Pressure – When you take black beans, you naturally reduces your intake of sodium. This will then reduce your blood pressure as salt is one of the biggest contributors to hypertension.

Cardiovascular Conditions – With the high content of folate, vitamin B6, potassium and fibre, your digestion gets enhanced and cholesterol levels reduced. As a result of this, your risk of cardiovascular problems are reduced tremendously as well.