The Amazing Benefits of Onions


Onions, we use it for all types of purposes. We use it to cook, mixed together with ginger and garlic and even for skin health. Like ginger and garlic, did you know that onions have remarkable medicinal qualities as well?

In fact, it can do wonders to health which can cure a variety of sicknesses.

Qeurcetin – You will find a type of flavanoid Quercetin in onions which is usually found in the root of red onions. Besides that, you can find a lot of antioxidants which has beneficial properties like antihistamine, anti-cholesterol and others.

Detoxification – In taking a lot of onions in your diet, you can rely less on all the different types of detoxification programmes. This is because it has antibiotic elements that cleanses toxins from your body.

Flu and fever – Onions can help to cure you from colds and fever. To recover from a cold, you should eat the onion raw or use it to boil with tea, honey and ginger. This helps to clear your throat from mucus. Meanwhile, a popular home remedy is to place grated onions, garlic and potatoes in a pari of socks and wear them which can help reduce your temperature.

Coughs – Start with a half onion and cover the top with brown sugar. Let it simmer for about 60 minutes and then take the syrupy contents 2 times daily.

Healing from wounds – If you suffered a cut, instead of using a band aid (plaster), take an onion, slice it to half and then apply the juice onto the cut. Then, the skin can be used to cover it which can help to stop bleeding and healing of the wound.

Infections – If the cut you suffered is infected, you can apply the following. Boil some milk and then pour it over a piece of white bread before chopping some onion slices on top. Mash the bread and create a mixture and use it over the affected area.

Burns – Onions are easily accessible when you are cooking. If you suffered a burn, cut an onion by half and then place the inner side onto the burn for 2 to 3 minutes. It has an amazing calming effect which will heal very quickly.

Insect bites – This applies to the more serious conditions like bee stings or you can use if for mosquito bites as well. First, use something to scrap off the stinger and then using slices of white onion, apply it onto the wound because it is a wonderful natural antihistamine.