Oats – This food can reduce hypertension, heart attacks and your weight too!

Oats – This food can reduce hypertension, heart attacks and your

Oats are used in almost every healthy diet you can find. If you are watching your weight but would like to have the essential minerals to carry you through the day, eating oats will be one of the options you probably should consider. Like superfoods like broccoli and okra, oats could well be an important part of your daily diet.

Oat Nutrition

Fibre – Oats have high content of beta-glucan, a type of dietary fibre which can help in reducing your cholesterol level especially if you are at risk for hypertension. A single cup of dry oats will give you about 8 gm of this fibre which is about 20 to 25% of the daily recommended dosage for most adults.

Minerals – Like most superfoods, you will enjoy a lot of minerals and nutrients when eating oats. This includes Selenium, manganese, magnesium, zinc and fibre while you get carotenoids and flavonoids as well.

Health Benefits

While you get to enjoy a broad range of vitamins and minerals through eating oats, your body benefits in other ways as well. Among them includes:

Coronary Diseases – Eating foods that are rich in whole-oat will reduce your risk of coronary heart diseases. This is because of its high fibre content which is crucial in enhancing your digestive system thereby breaking down foods more efficiently and reducing fats in your body.

Colorectal cancer – One of the breakthroughs of oat is that there were findings suggesting that a high fibre diet containing oats helped to reduce colorectal cancer risks. For every 10gm of fibre taken in a diet, it was linked to a 10% reduction of this cancer risk.

Blood Pressure – When you take a lot of oats, you are almost the same as taking anti-hypertensive medication used to reducing blood pressure among patients. As such, people with hypertension has often been recommended to take lots of oat and whole grain ingredients in their diet.

Risks – Oats do not contain gluten but there are some which are grown in the fields for barley or wheat where gluten is present. If you suffer gluten intolerance, you might want to be careful when consuming this food.