Collagen Injection – THINK TWICE!


What is Collagen Injection?
Aging is an on-going process which no one can avoid. For women, wrinkles and lines are one of the top fears in life and you will surely have considered trying all types of anti-aging methods like supplements and such. There are all types of procedures involved including one called Collagen Injection. So what is this all about?

Known as a type of ‘filler’, it started out when collagens were mostly made from protein derived from the cows’ connective tissue. The technology then improved and hyaluronic acid was used which is commonly used by your body for lubricating the joints. Such a natural substance became common and soon it was used to flatten out lines on the face which helps to eliminate wrinkles and that sounds like a miracle? Think again!

It has been found that if you are above 18 years old, you can have the fillers but it is more common among women between 35 and 40 years of age because it is when they start to really age.

This procedure is actually painless because your surgeon will use an anesthetic injection where your face becomes numb.

The Procedure
The procedure only involves 1 injection for every line. If there is only 1 line involved, then a single session will suffice. However, if you have many lines and require more injections, this could be spanned out to several sessions. In most cases, the latest types of organic fillers like Restylane Subcu or Restylane Voluma are known to last for up to 24 months.

Side Effects
Most doctors will tell you that collagen injection is safe. However, it has been found that you could get Granuloma where some lumps start to form in the lip areas. Besides that, you could be susceptible to bacterial injection while there have been cases where the face reacted badly to the anesthetic that causes one side of the face to droop (much like Bell’s Palsy).

Other known side effects that collagen injection is known to cause include itching, open sores, scarring and lumpiness while there has been cases where it led to more skin-related problems.

What are my options?
The most ideal method to clear your wrinkles would be to take supplements or food that can aid in the anti-aging process. Coenzyme Q10 and grapeseed extracts are among the most popularly known nutrients that can help in clearing your wrinkles while you should take foods with high omega-3 fatty acids and Alpha Lipoic Acid as well.