Himalayan Salt Lamp – Be careful of fakes!

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Be careful of fakes!

Have you heard of the Himalayan Salt Lamp? It is actually a very unique type of material which comes with various usages while providing benefits along the way. In fact, Himalayan salt lamps can be quite a wonderful item to have as it help strengthen your body, improve your sleep pattern and clean the air, among other benefits.

Genuine and fake Himalayan salt lamp

The fact that it has the word lamp in it means that it actually lights up the surroundings. However, they are not used for lighting purposes. If you are using genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp, it can actually offer a lot of benefits but be cautious about the fake ones.

How does Himalayan Salt Lamp works?

To understand how Himalayan Salt lamp works, you need to know what its properties are:

  • Source location: To begin with, the real and genuine Himalayan salt lamps are actually hand-carved and solid blocks of salt sourced from the Himalayans. This is very specifically referring to the underground mines of Pakistan in Khewra. Naturally, it is around the western side of the Himalayan mountains and it is actually the only place where you can find this salt.
  • Colour: Usually, the Himalayan salt lamp is pink in colour. However, it could naturally range between light pink to some form of orange. This is because of mineral concentration.

The way this works is that being hygroscopic in nature, salt will attract water molecules which would then vapor. When the vapor (which will contain pollutants like allergens, mold and bacteria) contacts with the salt lamp, the pollutants get trapped in the salt block. This will then release the water vapor back into the environment but the health-hazardous agents become trapped within the salt.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Besides providing some form of lighting, the Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with benefits like:

  • Purifying the air – The most prominent and perhaps proven benefit of Himalayan salt lamp is that they can purify the air naturally. This means that instead of buying expensive and overpriced air filter for the home, using Himalayan salt lamps would be a cheaper and better alternative
  • Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation – You might not feel it now but electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. This could come from your mobile phone, microwave or even Wi-Fi signals. Himalayan salt lamps could reduce this
  • Health conditions – Extremely useful for people suffering from asthma and allergies. Himalayan salt has been used in inhalers prescribed for asthma patients. Besides that, those with COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has adopted salt therapy which helps to ease breathing.
  • Rest and sleep – Himalayan salt lamps can help to promote better sleep and reduce mood swings because they can moderate negative ions in the environment known to cause depression and disruptive sleep patterns
  • Health benefits – it might not be common, but Himalayan salt can be ingested. This should turn your drinking water into alkaline water which means you can save on expensive water filters too. besides that, it should help to balance the pH balance in your system and help to enhance your energy production and blood circulation.

How to tell if the Himalayan salt lamp is fake?

You can easily buy Himalayan Salt lamp in the grocery store or a local supermarket. But be careful not to get ‘cheated’ into buying a fake one. Signs to take note of include:

  • Returns Policy – Only look for Himalayan salt lamps with a good returns policy. If you see that it has a ‘No Returns’ policy, then don’t buy it. Chances are, the manufacturer is selling a fake one.
  • Easily broken – If your Himalayan salt lamps is very durable and does not break easily, then its probably a fake
  • Illumination – Make no mistake about it, the Himalayan salt lamp is NOT a light. It could be very damp lighting and should not be able to illuminate very much
  • White light – If you come across any Himalayan salt lamp with white light, it would be a rare find which means it should be a lot more expensive than the usual pinkish ones. If they are about the same price, don’t buy it!
  • Source – There is only one place in this world that has genuine Himalayan salt lamp and that is in Khewra, Pakistan. If the item you are buying does not mention Pakistan in any way, then its probably manufactured to cheat you.
  • Moisture – The real salt lamp should have moisture when it is near some water source. After all, salt should absorb and attract water.
  • Effects – This is one way to tell after you have bought the salt lamp. You should start experiencing the benefits as mentioned above after a week or two. If nothing happens, then maybe its time to change it. The easiest way is to see if you are sleeping better