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10-second kiss transfers 80 million bugs

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The next time you decided to give a little tongue, you could be kissing 80 million bugs.

In a recent research by TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), it was found that the mouth houses about 700 million bacteria and a big chunk of them gets transferred during a kiss and that depends on how long that kiss is.

The research studied 21 couples which according to Professor Remco Kort, the lead-investigator, couples who kissed more than 9 times a day will most likely share their saliva which gets transmitted. French kissing (kissing with tongue) is the easiest way for the 700 million bugs to jump from one mouth to another.

When the tongue is involved, it contributes to more sticking power and although not all bacteria is harmful, the sheer volume of it can be quite alarming.

The microbiota which is the name for the collective millions of bacteria in the body is a system which helps in digestion. So having 80 million bugs being transferred from your partner to you might not be a bad thing after all. The study found that kissing could well be the defence mechanism for your immune system.

If the research is anything to go by, kissing could help your body to get the bacteria it needs in order to ward off any illness caused by bad bacteria. So the next time you actually thought about giving a kiss, perhaps prolonging it more than 10-seconds, it could help your body in more ways than you can imagine.

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