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People who never drank alcohol found to have shorter lives

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It might not sound very encouraging but a recent study has found that drinking alcohol regularly could well give you a longer life.

Not that it is asking you to indulge in a binge of alcohol drinks all the time but what the study found was the consistent and moderate drinkers enjoy longer life than those who abstain from alcohol altogether. Coffee with health benefits might be common, but drinking alcohol with a longer life might be something new.

The study involved a group of people from 55 to 65 years old that took place across a 20-year duration. It was found that the mortality rates among those who never drank were at the highest while the heavy drinkers had a lower mortality rate and those who drank between 1 and 3 glasses had the lowest mortality rates.

No confirmed explanation was found although the possibility is that alcohol drinking was an agent that facilitated better mental and physical health through the social network and interaction. This means that the person who enjoys a moderate drinking process would most likely be spending more time with friends and families with a healthier social life while those who make a point to abstain from drinking might suffer from depression, isolation and even health-related risks.

There have always been associations made between social life and health-related problems although some might not be as conclusive as one would like them to be. However, it cannot be discounted that a happy person who has friends and families around him would surely be a healthier person as compared to one who is more introverted and prefers to stay at home and playing computer games.

This means that drinking alcohol might not be a bad thing after all although there must be some control and moderation to it. Enjoying the company of the others should take priority while all measures are taken into consideration. This includes who to drive and how much to drink.