These 5 common habits are DESTROYING your brain!


Your brain is the most important organ in your body that keeps you alive. While other parts are equally as important, you should know that if your brain stops functioning, all other parts will follow suit. What you do and what you eat every day will determine how healthy you are and a large portion of this involves having a healthy brain.

Hence, it should be a main priority to improve your brain health and as you age, your brain’s performance will deteriorate as well. This is where you could start experiencing problems like Parkinson’s or Alzheimers’ Disease. The following are 5 common habits that should be aware of in which you should minimize as they could destroy your brain.

Stress – Everyone has to go through stress at one point of their lives. While you cannot avoid stress, you should find ways to cope with this. Try healthy exercises like yoga or tai-chi which helps your body to cope with stress.

Food – It is very important to have good food choices. Superfoods like garlic, onions and even Jicama known to enhance your immune system should be taken in abundance as your brain needs all the nutrients and minerals it can get for optimal functioning.

SleepGetting a good sleep cycle and quality rest is crucial for your brain. When you do not get enough sleep, it will have negative effects on your brain. This is because your brain needs to work overtime whenever you stay up or push another hour on the computer.

Exercise – This is very vital and is included in almost every diet programme. Your brain and your body is directly connected and you need to exercise so that your body is healthy. However, be careful not to overdo this until you are not getting enough rest.

Social – This is an important factor in that you should meet more friends and socialize so that your brain gets to focus on more entertaining issues instead of work and stress each day.