Top Weight loss programs

malaysia dash diet

So many ways to lose weight, which one is the best for you?

Dash Diet
This is a very balanced diet program which is among the most highly-ranked in the world today. You will need to practice a healthy eating pattern in order to reduce your blood pressure in which you will be taking foods that are high in minerals like potassium, calcium and protein. Fiber is obviously the top choice here while eliminating the likes of high-calorie foods like red meat and chocolate as well as salt which is one of the biggest cause of hypertension.

The Flexitarian Diet
A balanced diet program which is aimed to give your good health while helping you to shed some kilos. The name is derived from flexible and vegetarian which was coined by Dawn Jackson Blatner who suggested the most ‘vegetarian’ way to lose weight although vegetarians might not necessarily be the healthiest people. The unique trait about this program is that it does not require you to be a strict vegetarian which means you can actually eat meat when necessary which is where the ‘flexibility’ means. You can do this while practicing a vegetarian way of shedding the extra weight you have been carrying all this while.

Mayo Clinic Diet
The Mayo Clinic Diet offers you a balanced program where it is meant to help you to lose weight. If practiced correctly, you should be losing about 20 kgs in a fortnight. Continue doing what you are doing and you will naturally be shedding 3 to 4 kilos each week. This diet program uses the Mayo Clinic food pyramid to help you in determining which foods are good and which ones are bad so that you can increase the former and reduce the latter.

TLC Diet
This is a low-fat diet program with the objective of shedding the levels of cholesterol in your body. If you do this right, you should be lowering about 10% of bad cholesterol in 1 to 1.5 months. It is actually endorsed by some of the major organisations because besides losing weight, it actually helps to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Mediterranean Diet
As the name implies, this diet program is inspired by the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea where it goes with the theory that people there live longer. It is a balanced diet which helps to lose weight while enhancing your heart and brain health. Besides that, this diet is able to reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes too. In this program, you will be reducing the intake of red meat and sugar as well as saturated fat while nuts and fiber-rich foods are used which includes an active lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Diet
This diet program is as clear as the name states. If practiced correctly, this balanced diet program will help you to lose weight quite quickly. In fact, it has been claimed that it actually helps you to lose up to 5 kilograms each week where ever food is assigned with a value measured in points. This is seen in the Weight Watchers’ PointPlus program. The points are given based on its protein, fat, fiber and how hard your body has to work in order to burn them off.

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