Why you should continue supplements at old age

As you grow older, your body is not able to produce many types of minerals and nutrients to stay healthy as you were when you were younger. The internal organs are no longer as efficient where it takes a longer time to recover while you might not feel as energetic as you used to. This situation is very normal as the body will need to be continuously fueled with minerals that are crucial for functioning and maintenance.

Food intake is one way to ensure that your body is constantly nourished to stay healthy and wade off free radicals but not all food contain every type of mineral that your body needs. As such, you will have to think about what you eat and ensure that they contain all that are required while taking supplements which would supply the important minerals to the blood stream.

Vitamin B12 – This is one of the very important vitamins which is required to create red blood cells that will maintain a healthy nerve system in your body. Fish, meat and poultry products are known to be rich in Vitamin B12. However, as you grow older, you might be wary of your cholesterol level where eating too much poultry products might be dangerous. As such, taking Vitamin B12 supplements could provide your body with the mineral it needs to ensure regular blood circulation.

Folic Acid – You need to ensure that your body receives sufficient folate, the natural form of folic acid. This is usually taken by pregnant ladies to facilitate healthy growth of bones and teeth for the baby. For the elderly, folic acid is needed to fortify the bones and teeth to avoid deterioration. In fact, if your bones and teeth are not strengthened and maintained as you grow older, you could experience porous bones or osteoporosis very soon.

Magnesium – Magnesium helps to keep your bones strong and builds a good immune system. This is very crucial as aging people who fall sick might need more attention than those in the younger age group.

Omega-3 Fats – This type of fatty acid is known to regulate blood circulation in the body. In doing so, it helps to reduce the risk of problems like coronary heart disease and diabetes while omega-3 is known to enhance brain functions which could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Ginkgo – This traditional herb has been recommended for elderly people as it enhances brain function and regulates blood pressure within the body. Those who take ginkgo supplements have been found to remember things better even as they approach the older age levels.

Calcium – This is one mineral that your body needs to strengthen your bones. It is to build and maintain the structure of your bones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium are usually supplied through milk and dairy products where there are specifically-formulated products in the market. If you are not drinking enough milk or do not like to do so, you should take calcium supplements which will supply your bones with the mineral it needs.

Glucosamine – This mineral is very important for the aging adult. It has been recommended for adults who are reaching their 30s and those who are actively involved in sports. If you are above 45, you might start experiencing weak joints and muscle aches. This is where the joints are no longer as efficient as before. If you have not taken glucosamine before this, it would be good to start now so that it can fortify the joints and muscles as you grow older.

Vitamin D – Apart from calcium and folic acid, Vitamin D has been known to help in building strong bones. In fact, Vitamin D helps your body to absorb the calcium that you consume. This will then be absorbed into the bones so that bone density is strengthened and maintained. Apart from that, Vitamin D is known to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis which are very common among the elderly.

Potassium – Potassium is very important for cell function where it has been recommended to help in regulating and reducing of blood pressure that could lead to heart attacks or strokes. It is another mineral that maintains bone health while reducing the risk of kidney stones which has been a constant problem for aging people. Bananas and prunes are among the known products that are rich with potassium while this mineral is available in tablet form as well.