Nasi Lemak – facts and calories

malaysia nasi lemak

To some, Nasi Lemak is like the ‘national breakfast food’. To others, it is a must have every morning. Nasi Lemak is considered to be a main feature in Malaysian cuisine because it is loved by every community. It comes in the Malay version, Chinese version, Indian version, Nyonya version and just about any other version they can come up with.

Basically, they are the same where you get santan rice, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber and some rendang. In some cases, you get more options like a piece of fried chicken, curry or rendang and even sotong.

For a basic serving of Nasi Lemak, it is equivalent to 644 calories. If you add an additional Telur Goreng, that will add another 70 calories depending on how the egg was cooked as every chef will use a different oil for frying the egg. Sunny side up eggs are around 70 while the more ‘garing’ eggs are about 110 to 120 calories.