Foods that causes chronic pain

Foods that causes chronic pain

Have you ever have a niggling pain that you experience and that won’t go away for days, sometimes weeks? Or do you have a pain which have been around for years and you can’t seem to find a solution for it?

Stop believing your pain is permanent

Like it or not, there are actually foods that causes pain. It gets worse if you experience one which disrupts your daily life and you resort to believing that you will never get rid of it. Taking painkillers is just one of the methods but you cannot be doing this for the rest of your life. Taking a certain medication for long periods of time would not solve these problems. You need to dig in to find the root of the problem and eradicate it, once and for all.

Food and pain is related

The fact is, what you eat and pain are both related. This was found in a study published recently and if you know what you are eating which has been causing pain, then that is where you should start.

Inflammation the main culprit

To understand where pain comes from, you must know what inflammation is. After all, it could well be the main culprit that causes diseases and other health-related problems. This is what happens when your body reacts against any form of infection or damage to any part of your system. This is most evident when you see swelling due to an insect bite. It is your body’s immune system activating to help you recover. So, when you experience these problems, then you know your body is telling you something. Among those that are often associated with these symptoms are:

  1. Gout
  2. allergies
  3. arthritis
  4. migraines

Take note that about 70% of your immune cells reside around the digestive tract of which the source is your food intake. This means you need to work towards improving your immune system. So, what are the main types of food that cause these pains.

The top foods that trigger pain in your body

The list will have certain foods that you know will cause problems but you still take them daily. However, there are some which you might not know. So here they are:

  1. Dairy foods – it has been found that about 80% of human beings would lose the ability to digest lactose from cow’s milk at some point of their lives. This type of food, if your body is unable to digest will cause problems like diarrhoea and stomach cramps.
  2. Soy – Malaysians love their soya bean milk. In fact, soy has a lot of health benefits and used in a lot of vegetarian cooking. However, unfermented ones could cause pain in the gut. As a result of this, it could lead to joint pains and skin rashes.
  3. Gluten foods – Anyone who is on a healthy diet will hear the word gluten. This type of protein is found in a lot of wheats and grains. If you like to drink your barley-ice, then you are at risk with this. This will cause problems in the intestines and lead to a leaky gut.
  4. Alcohol – perhaps the most problematic type of food in all lists, wine, beer or whisky will naturally cause problems in your live and kidney. That’s who inflammatory bowel diseases and kidney failure happens. This is a no-brainer. Have a glass of wine occasionally but don’t overdo it.
  5. Meat – taking a lot of red meat can aggravate your gout. If you have this problem, then avoid processed or red meat when possible.
  6. Processed Foods – Another big culprit that causes a lot of health problems. Sausages (or frankfurters) French fries and burgers are in this category. Malaysians love their Ramly burger and Maggie Goreng.
  7. Coffee – This food has high contents of caffeine which is found in cola drinks and tea as well. So, if you take glasses of Teh Tarik or Nescafe every day, it could lead to headaches and taking them long term will lead to migraines. When mixed with sugar, the situation worsens.

Having said all that, you should consider minimizing some of the foods you have. We are not saying that you should stop having your Nasi Lemak breakfast but taking it in moderation would surely keep you healthier.