What your blood group tells and what you need to eat

What your blood group tells and what you need to eat

Everyone is unique in their own special ways. Besides our standard body anatomy, our blood groups are coined within 4 different groups. If you want to live a healthy life which is constantly energized and strong, there is a need to understand your blood group better and what you should feed your body. If you do that, you will notice lesser fatigue instances, better weight management and improved health overall.

Type O
If you are of this blood type, you are known as the ‘hunter-gatherer’ group. This is where you are known for your leadership qualities and always on-the-go. People from this blood group came from those who used square diet of animal protein which means that your diet will be packed with meat. While you should take more beef, lamb and mutton, excessive meat can raise your cholesterol levels. Balance your diet with lots of walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seed, and vegetables. Avoid eggs and dairy products, coffee, cabbage and alcohol.

One very important factor you must consider is to carry out regular exercise so that you sweat a lot. Go for a swim, walk, run and other cardio programmes.

Type A
A person with blood Type A is of the ‘breeder’ type. You are known for being responsible, organized and calm. You are the most sensitive among all blood types but is prone to stress the easiest. Berries are your best friends. Take lots of blackberries, blueberries, pears and avocado which is good for the skin. Besides that broccoli and carrots are good when taken with fish moderately. Go for salmons and cod while nuts like pumpkin seeds are favorable too. Avoid turkey, chicken and most type of meats. Caffeine, sesame oil should be reduced and always have a wholesome meal for breakfast. For workouts, go for yoga or tai chi.

Type B
Classified as the ‘Nomad’, you are known to be very focused on achieving your aims. In most cases, you make your own rules and you stick by them. Foods like bananas, grapes, pineapples and olive oil works best for you. In terms of meat, take mutton, venison and fish. Avoid grains and wheats, chicken and lentils. You should have a balanced workout programme that improves your physical and mental characteristics.

Type AB
This type of blood is known as the ‘Enigma’ and is among the rarest. In most cases, you are known to be quite extreme. When you believe in something, you become very passionate about it. Take foods like onions, potatoes, lamb and salmon. Cherries, grapes and watermelons are good for you too while avoid processed meat and buckwheat. In terms of exercising, you should maintain a balanced regime which improves your mental and physical attributes.