10 Miracles of Wheatgrass


The scientific name for this green is Triticum Aestivum, otherwise known as wheatgrass. It is one of the most popular greens around where it grows naturally in western countries. Wheatgrass can be grown indoors and outdoors and is one of the plants that you can grow in your own home.

The outlook of wheatgrass looks very much like normal grass but it has already been found to be one of the best detoxifying agents among all foods. There are enzymes, 19 amino acids and over 90 minerals in this green while it has been linked to reducing and preventing cancer risks. Here are some of the miracles of wheatgrass.

Appetite – Wheatgrass can help to suppress your appetite. By taking this food, your body gets a lot of the nutrients and minerals that your body needs which means that it will not crave for food as often. Take one glass each morning and watch your appetite reduced significantly.

Digestion – It has antacids which help in digestion. When you take wheatgrass, you get Vitamin B, lots of enzymes and amino acids. This helps to clear your bowel.

Liver – Wheatgrass helps to improve your liver function and your body is able to break down foods and produce energy more efficiently because of its detoxifying properties.

Arthritis – It can be used to treat arthritis because of its chlorophyll that can cure joint pains and other muscle-related conditions.

Sugar Levels – This food help to regulate your glucose and lipid levels which means it can help diabetic patients.

Circulation – It improves circulation of oxygen levels in your blood. When this happens, your body is more energized and metabolism can be enhanced.

Anti-cancer – Wheatgrass has superior detoxifying properties. It keeps your blood clean and well oxygenated and as a result reduces your cancer risks significantly.

Energy – Through a healthy liver and balanced circulation, you do not feel tired or fatigue so easily.

Immune System – Taking wheatgrass regularly helps to improve your immune system, helping you to stay clear from common flu and cold.

Smell – Wheatgrass is a natural body deodorizer. You can discard all the methods of removing bad breathe or body odour as it can flush out toxins from your body.