Cycling Tips & Where to Cycle in Malaysia

Cycling is not merely buying a bicycle and then pedalling away. It could be just something that simple but if you are serious about fitness with this sport, you might want to consider something more. Here are some of the best tips to get you started.

The Best Cycling Tips

Safety First

– Across Malaysia, cycling can be both very safe and dangerous. If you are not around the urban cities or towns, then it is extremely safe because you can practically cycle anywhere. On the other hand, cycling in the cities or towns can be quite challenging.

Cycling Gear

– If you are going for long cycles, then ensure you have the appropriate gear. Headlights, extra tubes, helmet and reflective clothing. Those are the most important ones. Even if you are not going for long, they might come in handy.

Defensive skill in Cycling

– Like driving, you need to practice defensive cycling as well. A lot of accidents occur not because of the driver but by someone else. Cycling can be meditative where your mind can drift after a while. Always keep a watch out for reckless drivers on the road. Always be extra vigilant.

Safety Side

– You should be cycling on the left side of the road as per other vehicles. NEVER ride against an oncoming traffic as the headlights might cause disturbances and then accidents could occur.

Safety Lights

– The best thing to do is to invest into a high-powered headlights for your bicycle both for the front and the rear.

Cycling Groups

– There are a lot of cycling groups in Malaysia that go for trips during weekends. Take some time to join these groups as it helps to build your confidence before heading out on your own.

Gradually progress

– If you are a beginner, do not be too gung-ho. Start slow and then work your way up. You can go with the 2/2 rule (2 minutes hard/ 2 minutes easy) and then increase the exercise. After that, you can look into increasing the pace or go for slopes.

Where to Cycle in Malaysia?

A lot of towns and cities around Malaysia are quite bicycle-friendly. Look for bike lanes or you can go to the gardens and other designated areas.

In the Klang Valley, you can practically cycle around the city centre during the KL Car-Free weekends. Otherwise, you can head up to the Kepong Metropolitan Park, the Desa Parkcity Central Park, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia or FRIM, in and around Putrajaya, Lake Gardens and at Titiwangsa, among others.