Foam Rolling – What you don’t know you are doing wrong


A foam roller is something you do for recovery after exercising. They are known to be extremely effective but you need to be aware of how it works so that you are not doing it wrong. This is because if you are not doing it right, it could be counter-productive.

Big, big mistakes!

The experts (that is us!) have spoken. When you do foam rolling, take note of the following major mistakes.

  • It should not hurt much. Some muscles might have minor strains, but that’s it!
  • It should be very slow. Don’t bulldoze!
  • Always start with a less-firm roller.
  • Foam rolling is not the answer to relieve your lower back pain.
  • Be consistent, not as and when you think it fits.
  • Although it is called foam rolling, it does not mean you only use it for rolling. Experts tell you that you should lie down on a foam roller from your head to your tailbone.

Ultimately, what you want to do is to ensure you are using this correctly. It’s like the weights and dumbbells. You are not required to be too creative with it, just know how they work and get on with it.