Top 10 Fitness Instructors in Malaysia

Are you looking for a personal trainer to lose the fat on the waistline (and everywhere else around it)?. While you are watching your diet, you will still need to have the driving force behind your workouts. Who and what can you look for?

Faiz Ariffin – World-class bodybuilder

This is the man to look at for anyone who wants a bodybuilder frame (or at least try to get there). He owns FZGEAR, which is his own line of activewear and inspires you through diet, workouts and fitness programs.

Emelda – Achieved Instructor

Emelda is a former swimmer for state and country. She was the first Nike NTC Master Trainer in Malaysia and has been in this industry for about 20 years now who are well certified and experience in many areas of fitness and exercising. This includes Body Balance, Body Combat, Body Pump and many more.

Joanna Soh –YouTube fitness instructor

Joanna is one of the most renowned fitness trainers in Asia. The program you get is one that is tailored for Malaysians because she knows we love our food and lifestyle. With more than a million subscribers on her channel, it is no surprise why she is so popular with her fitness programs.

Kimberley Yap – Boutique Gym Founder

Kimberley is a former national swimmer, cyclist and triathlete. Together with her husband, they run Daily Muscle where she helps people to stay healthy through fitness, weight loss programs and exercises.

Linora Low – Award-winning Emcee

Linora is a popular individual who emcees. She provides insights into how you can lose weight and stay healthy through her social media account. On her channel, you get to learn about ideas on staying healthy while enjoying your favorite food.

Jordan Yeoh aka Durian Hottie

Jordan is a personal trainer and has more than half a million followers in his Instagram account. He has his own Iron Mastery Resistance training program and is a classic hard-work pays off icon when it comes to losing weight.

Suhaili Micheline – Dancer and Fitness Instructor

Suhaili’s followers enjoy watching her routines which are inspired from her experience of a dancer. She is ballerina and part of the Aurora School of Dance. She has won awards and is a true inspiration for those who like to dance their way to a healthy lifestyle.

Hanisah Sharil – No-nonsense workout

Following Hanisah’s workout program means you have to sweat for it! The certified persona trainer is known for her active lifestyle where she promotes the Electric Muscle Stimulation method in her exercises.

Wenisa Ng – EMS Advocate

Wenisa’s studio was the first that promoted the EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation method in Malaysia. She is one of the most active fitness instructors in the country that helps people in posture correction, sports training, weight loss and rehabilitation.

Irene Ng – Yoga for Fitness

If you prefer exercising using yoga, Irene could be the best person to ask. She quit her full-time job to get into yoga full time. That’s how focused and determined she is about this regime.