Dangers of Wearing High Heels


For women, high heels are an integral part of everyday beauty. Besides having good skin health and using all types of methods to achieve flawless skin, you will accessorise in order to look pretty every day. You have the clothes and matching colours as well as handbags to go with what you want to portray each day. Along the way, you wear heels which is a mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe.

Heels make you taller and more glamourous, but did you know that these shoes can be extremely dangerous to your health? According to recent findings, heels can cause the following:

Pressure – The inner side of your knees endure additional pressure when you wear heels because your posture is not balanced.

Fat – High heels are naturally very tight. When you wear them for long hours, they create fat tissue around the nerve of your fourth and fifth toes. This will then cause stiffness in an occurrence called Morton neuroma which can be quite painful.

Joints – According to recent studies, wearing tight shoes can have long-term effects on the joints. This includes nerve compression and arthritis which can cause excruciating pain on the organs.

Bony Growths – This is very common among women wearing heels. Bony growths can happen on the joints and is mainly caused by excessive pressure incurred by shoes that are too tight.

Posture – The major problem about wearing heels is that while it can have an effect on your feet, it can cause problems with your entire body, particularly your posture.