Try changing to olive or sunflower oil to fry your food, its healthier and lower risk

In Malaysia, fried food is among the most popular choices of dishes in almost every cuisine. We have the fried chicken which can be made with every ‘home-made’ recipe one can think of. We have Asian, Chinese, Indian, Malay and even western fried chicken styles available.

The major issue with fried food is usually on how it is prepared. Oily food is something that the health-concious will be cautious about so how do you enjoy the food without having to worry too much about the risks?

According to a recent study, using sunflower or olive oil might be your solution. It was found that if olive oil is used for frying, it could reduce the risk of heart problems considerably. In the course of frying, the food will absorb the fat which would then increase the calories in the dish. So if you are consuming high quantities of fried food, you are actually consuming high quantities of calories which would then lead to heart disease problems.

In other situations it could further lead to high cholesterol which could lead to hypertension. So it would make perfect sense to consume food that uses olive or sunflower oil to fry because you will be consuming lesser calories along the way. Findings of the research showed that there were no association between the fried food and any risk of heart diseases which means that while you should take fried food in moderation, using an alternative and healthy cooking method will go a long way.