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Sleep Apnea Has Higher Risk Of Cancer Mortality

According to a recent study, people who suffer from sleep apnea might have increased cancer risks. In the past, those who experienced SBD or sleep disordered breathing could face problems like depression, hypertension and even cardiovascular problems. However, this is probably the first documented research where this problem is said to lead to cancer risks.

The importance of sleep has been talked about for many decades where the body needs to rejuvenate and rest. Sleep deprivation has been known to be the main cause of many types of health problems from minor to major ones but this would surely be one of the most startling revelations as yet.

The study showed that the subjects who experienced SBD were facing 5 times higher incidence of cancer deaths and this was not something new. There was previous research carried out on animals that showed results of a similar statistics.

If this is concluded, it would mean that poor breathing would mean that the cells are not able to sufficiently oxygenate which means that it could be a direct implication that sleep apnea could well be a cause of cancer or at least contributing to its growth in some way.

The study means that there could now be a direct relationship between sleep and health, not that it has not been addressed before. In saying that sleep disorder could lead to cancer, it could propel the importance of sleeping and solving sleep disorders even higher.