These 5 ‘Healthy’ drinks are not as healthy as you think! Stop NOW!


Each day, we are under the misconception that certain foods and drinks are actually ‘healthy’ and good for us. The fact is, not all of them are true. We list out the 5 drinks you think was good for you which they are actually not. The last thing you want is to take something ‘beneficial’ which has an opposite effect.

Iced Tea – Known to quench thirst, iced tea seemed to be the perfect alternative to carbonated drinks which is made with a lot of artificial sugar. Some iced tea comes with Green Tea flavor, one which many believe to help in dieting.

Truth! When you drink a packet of ice tea, you are taking about 60grams of sugar which is actually higher than some types of soda drinks. Besides that, they have more than 250 calories in every serving which means they are actually adding weight instead of reducing them.

Hot Chocolate – We know that cold drinks are very damaging to health. So, instead of going for the iced Milo, we take hot chocolate.

Truth! This drink has one of the highest calories among beverages (760). Besides that, there are 22grams of immersed fat and a whooping 85 grams of sugar. If you are taking the 3-in-1 packets, the sugar levels are a lot higher.

Flavoured Water – It seems that the brands are promoting drinking water habit by putting flavours in them. Some even claimed to have high vitamin and other minerals.

Truth! When it comes to vitamins, they are fat-solvent which means your body might not be able to ingest them. Some even has high contents of sugar.

Energy drinks – This would be among the worst in this list. It has already been found that drinks like Red Bull are not really helping in your health. Calorie levels are sky high while the sugar level in these drinks make them more harmful than most drinks in the market.

Milkshakes – You are told that milkshakes have high calcium contents. But that would be as much as you get. Most milkshakes have a lot of fat and sugar. When you combine both these ingredients, you put your health at risk.

Truth! One milkshake gives you between 500 and 700 calories.