Home Remedy for Ear Infection


Among the many types of infections, those that occur to the ears can be very distressing because it is hard to treat and can cause headaches and even vertigo. While you can see a doctor for prescription medicine or buy over-the-counter supplements, you can actually cure ear infections with this very effective home remedy.

In most cases, chemical drops that you buy contain isopropyl alcohol which might not be good for your skin. By using this home remedy, your ears get a totally natural solution without any risks. You will require white vinegar which is known for its strong and natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. This means it can be a pain-soother and fight any sort of infection while helping to dry the year and loosen earwax which are stubbornly stuck to the walls.

This home remedy is very effective for mild infections and besides white vinegar, you will need rubbing alcohol as well.

First mix 1 part each of the rubbing alcohol and the white vinegar and then take a teaspoon of the mixture and pouring carefully into the year. With your head remaining tilted, stay in that position for about 60 seconds and then move your head upright again for the mixture to run out.

You should do this twice a day (preferably once in the morning and another at night). It will help to clear out water trapped inside and the earwax as well. Meanwhile, mild ear infections can be cured but if the condition does not improve, then you must consult the doctor immediately


Home Remedies for Ear Infections