How to Get rid of Bloated Belly in 1 minute


You know the feeling of a bloated belly especially when you have just finished a full meal? The feeling can be quite depressing as you feel as if you have added tonnes of weight. Drinking water with an empty stomach is very beneficial but when you drink too much, it makes you bloated very quickly. Here’s how you can get rid of the bloated belly in about 60 seconds.

The recipe is called Sassy Water compliments of its inventor, Ms Cynthia Sass. What you need is only ordinary water and it can miraculously cure the bloated belly without adding any additional calories. Besides that, it can help in digestion too!

What you need?
First, prepare 2 litres of water, 1 medium sized of lemon and 1 medium sized of peeled cucumber. Cut both the lemon and cucumber into thin slices and prepare 1 teaspoon of grated ginger as well as some spearmint leaves.

First fill up a jug or a pitcher with 2 litres of water. This is about 8 and a half glasses that your body needs per day anyway. Then put in the thin slices of cucumber followed by the lemon slices. After that, the spearmint leaves (about 12 to 15 will do) can be added. Then, the ginger goes in and you can then stir the water.

Once it is stirred, you can place the entire jug into the fridge overnight. The next day, strain the water out from the pitcher onto another jug. This water can then be consumed. The trick here is to finish the entire jug in a day for the maximum effect and you will notice that your bloated belly is reduced significantly.

Top 15 Belly Burning Tips

Getting rid of the fat around your belly can be a headache that lasts for years. Not only is this unhealthy, but it also affects your self-confidence as well. When your clothes cannot fit (especially around the belly area), you don’t feel very good about yourself.

What is belly fat really?

The fat around the belly is a type of visceral fat. They are very harmful to the body. If belly fat is not addressed, it could lead to problems like heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, among others. Not only people who are overweight have belly fat as this applies to thin people as well. It might not be possible to remove belly fat entirely, but certain practices would help remove the excess fat around this area.

Getting rid of harmful fat

Here are some top tips to do that.

  1. Intermittent fasting – This is a very effective way to reduce weight and would work to reduce the fats around the belly
  2. Fiber – Take a lot of soluble fiber in your diet. The many types of green powder help by making you feel full and you will then eat less.
  3. Alcohol – You would have heard of the term beer belly and that is what it is. Reduce alcohol intake (especially beer) and you will reduce the size of the belly.
  4. Lifestyle – when you change the way you live and eat, it is always the most effective way to lose weight
  5. Stress – When you are under stress, your adrenal glands start to produce cortisol. If you have a large waistline, your body response is faster in producing cortisol.
  6. Sugar – It might not be possible to eliminate sugar altogether but reducing the intake each day will surely reduce your waistline. That is why many programs like the Keto diet seek to stop you from taking sugar.
  7. Trans fats – Avoid as many trans fats in your food as possible. This is very common in margarine, packaged foods and soybean oil. They add weight to the body and can lead to inflammation and insulin resistance.
  8. Carbs – If you want to reduce fat especially the belly, reduce your carb intakes like rice and bread.
  9. Drinks – Watch what you drink and avoid those that are sugar-sweetened. Yes, stop those classic Coke and Sprite. You should also avoid fruit juices as they are high in sugar.
  10. Rest – You have to get enough sleep as it has been scientifically proven that people who do not sleep enough are at high risk for obesity.
  11. Fatty fish – This is an amazing superfood that protects you from obesity. Omega-3 fats counter-reacts to visceral fat and get rid of them.
  12. Exercises – You need to burn calories and aerobic exercise is one of the best in reducing belly fat. Another form of exercise is by lifting weights, which is a form of resistance training. This helps to preserve your muscle mass and burn fat.
  13. Cider vinegar – This is a good ingredient that can reduce your blood sugar and then reduce fats.
  14. Probiotics – Good bacteria help to break down the fats you consume.
  15. Green tea – Besides caffeine and antioxidants, green tea boost metabolism and breaks down unwanted fats.