Zinc is one of the minerals that the body needs every day. It is found in the cells of the body which is very important for building a strong immune system. Zinc is involved in making proteins and DNA within all the cells of the body and to ensure that the body stays healthy and strong.

Zinc can be sourced from many types of food. This is largely dependent on the type of diet that you practice where zinc supplements are available and provided by most health product manufacturers. In terms of food, zinc can be obtained in most type of red meat while seafood such as crab and lobsters has high volume of zinc as well. Oysters are known to be the best source for zinc. However, seafood should be taken in moderation as they are known to contribute to high cholesterol. Other known foods that have contents of zinc include beans, nuts, dairy products and whole grains.

What is it used for?
Having enough zinc in the body has many benefits. It helps to produce energy through producing anabolic hormone. It is an important mineral that supports the male reproductive health and fertility which is recommended for couples trying to conceive. In building a stronger immune system, zinc helps to reduce the risk of health diseases like cancer as well as improving of cardiovascular health and diabetes.

A person whose body is not getting enough zinc can have some very serious consequences. Most studies showed that zinc deficiency is often associated with impotence among men. Other known effects include hair loss, loss of appetite and migraines. For children, the effects can be more alarming as it could lead to slow or interrupted growth and delayed healing in wounds. Meanwhile, a person who is not taking enough zinc would fall sick easily as the immune system is weakened.