Top Health Tips for your morning

Top Health Tips for your morning

Whether it is a Monday or a Friday, starting the day wrongly could be very distressing. When you wake up, the last thing you want is to have the wrong footing to kick off the day.

Best tips before you start

The most important you need to remember is that what you do first thing in the morning will make or break your day. So follow the guidelines below and see how it pans out.

Go for lemon water

This is a very common tip. When you drink a glass of warm lemon water, your body starts its engine. Among the benefits are:

  • It gets your body going
  • Prepares your digestive system
  • It rehydrates your body after hours of not having water (when you are sleeping)

Waking up earlier

What you want is to have a bit of extra time in the morning. Change your working hours to about 15 minutes earlier. When you are rushing through your morning routine, you end up becoming disorientated. Since you need time to prepare your lemon drink and all, this would be a good time to change that routine.

Brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue

A lot of people often disregard this while brushing. You should scrape your tongue thoroughly. Find a good scraper and get rid of the morning breath. It wakes you up as well and food definitely taste better.

Stretching works wonders

Go for a short 10 minutes walk in the taman near your house. Do a simple stretching exercise and keep to that. It does not have to be long but it has to be consistent.

Get a Trampoline

This needs some investment. Jump on the trampoline about 100 times in the morning. It is good because it has zero impact and won’t hurt your knees. It helps with blood circulation too.

Set the mood straight

In the morning, listen to some uplifting music. Prepare your playlist before you sleep and put it on when you work out or when you are driving to work. Nothing beats having good music while being stuck in traffic along Federal Highway.

Meditate and listen to yourself

Before you head to the bathroom and prepare for work, spend 10 minutes meditating. Shut off the world and listen to yourself. Stay still and hear your breathing.

Get a healthy smoothie

You can do this at home with ingredients like kale, cucumber or green vege. Make a smoothie and drink it to enjoy its refreshing effects.
Now, you are ready for the day!