How to burn fat fast without exercising?

How to burn fat fast without exercising

Staying slim and healthy usually required exercising and eating right. One thing for sure, the rule of thumb is to exercise enough to burn the fats in your body. While there are many methods to reduce fats around the belly or other places, you can now do so without really exercising. This however does not mean you should stop exercising if you are currently doing so.

Eating – NEVER skip meals. Eat frequently and at standard intervals. Your 3 meals and 2 snacks daily are very crucial as they ensure proper metabolism function in your body. If you take long intervals, it will only slow down the burning of fat.

On another note, ensure that the food you are eating is clean. In any way, avoid taking foods that are processed as they have high saturated fats. If you look at the top most fattening foods, you will notice that they are mostly processed foods.

If there is one meal you MUST skip, it should not be breakfast. Drink a glass of water when you wake up, then have your breakfast, no matter what.

Go the European style and use the large breakfast, a medium lunch and small dinner concept.

Vitamin D – You do not want to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. After all, you get a lot of this from the sunlight which helps to break down your food and promote better metabolism.

Protein – When you are having your snacks, take those that are rich in protein. Minimize carb-heavy food.

Calcium – This mineral can boost your metabolism while it helps to process vitamin D that you get from the sun as well.

Bath – Take Epsom salt bath at night because it can detoxify your body. All you need to do is to add 1 cup of this to your bath. Meanwhile, take cold showers in the morning.

Rest – When you have enough rest and good sleep quality, your body is able to function better and metabolism become efficient.

Hydration and Walks – In every way, stay as hydrated as possible. If you really do not intend to exercise, at least take walks after a meal or take the stairs whenever possible.