Top 30 Indoor Creative Exercises

Exercising does not always have to be rigorous. This is more evident when you are stuck indoors. There is always a fun and more creative way to sweat it out at home and it does not always have to be heavy-duty.

Enjoying the workouts indoors

What makes exercising indoors fun is that you don’t have to always do this alone. You can always get your partner or your kids to join in. Some of these activities can be quite exciting. First, let’s get to the normal workouts.

Be disciplined and creative

Below are some of the common exercises but with a little creativity, it can be a lot more fun.

  • Push-ups – This might not be the most popular workout but it sure is one of the most effective. For a start, do 5 push-ups, rest for 10 seconds, and 5 more. Go all the way to 50. Then add another 10 the next day.
  • Stair stepping – You use the first few steps of the stairs and walk up and down for 10 to 15 minutes. Use thick books if your home doesn’t have stairs.
  • Handstand – The safest place to practice (and learn) is on your bed with your leg going up against the wall. This is a tough exercise but once you get the hang of it, it can be really powerful.
  • Do the plank – All you need is to just hold on to the push-up position. Start with 1 minute, then add 20 seconds every day.
  • Weights – Use dumbbells if you have. But you can always try with water bottles (filled up ones of course). What makes this really nice is that you can add the weights to your preference.
  • Jump rope – Remember when you use to do this as kids? You can now enjoy this game again. It’s very tiring and a great workout too.
  • Kicks – Start by kicking low, then middle level before going for the high kicks.
  • Shadow punching – If you have a punching bag, it would be good. Otherwise, shadow punching is a good workout for the abs.
  • Running  – This is quite common and if you cannot afford a treadmill, then run on the spot. Time your run for 10 minutes then works your way up.
  • High Knees – If you want some variation to your running, then do the high knees. It’s a lot more fun.
  • Jumping Jack – One of the best workouts for your heart is jumping jack and this is again something that we used to do a lot as kids.
  • Squatting – Squatting needs discipline and there are a few popular ways. Start with 10, then add 5 more every 2 days.

What about the other fun workouts?

Yes, we are talking about doing something different from the common sit-ups and standard movements like aerobics. We are talking about more creative and out-of-the-box forms of exercising methods that you would not have thought was even a form of working out.

  • Video games – Remember the Wii? Now you have the newer ones. Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR) and Beat Saber are just some of those that make you sweat while playing. Go for games that need action.
  • Pull-up Bar – Install this bar on the door-frame. It works like a toll plaza. Each time you go through that door, you need to pull up once (or twice). The best place to put this is on your kitchen door frame.
  • Fidgeting – Some call them micro-movements. Reports have shown that fidgeting helps to burn more than 300 calories per day. In other words, moving about instead of being stationery helps. Try beating on the drums for 15 minutes per day.
  • Popcorn Pushups – This might be counterproductive but if you can make healthy popcorns, put a bowl on the floor, and do push-ups. Pick up a piece (with your mouth) for every push-up you complete.
  • Dancing – You don’t have to go all out aerobics. Just dance to the music in your own room. Play a video on YouTube (or Tik-Tok) and dance away. Follow the moves. Indoor Zumba and Tango would work wonders.
  • Rock climbing – This might need some investment but dedicating a wall inside your home to place some foot and hand-holds for rock climbing actually builds muscles.
  • Kung-Fu Fighting – You do not need to get a Master to learn Kung Fu. Watch a tutorial and learn at home. While you are at it, check out which works for you. Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Karate, Kendo. Take your pick.
  • Work from home standing – Install a desk that requires you to stand while working. Sitting down all day is damaging to your back and spine. So you can stand or sit with this desk.
  • Clean the house – This is not everyone’s favorite but think about it, its really good exercise. If you can, schedule each room every day. That will give you enough exercise throughout the week.
  • Home yoga – Have you ever heard of beer yoga? There are so many types you can choose from and just practice at home.
  • Biking – Buy a bicycle stand. If you are not going out, then fixed the bike on the stand and cycle on the spot.
  • Cooking – Especially when you are mincing meat (using the traditional chopper knife method).
  • DIY – Put furniture together or build something from scratch. Make something each week. It can be a bookshelf, a small cabinet, a table, or a chair. Just make something every week. It’s good for the mind and your body too.
  • Tai-Chi – This is one that really helps with your breathing. You can do at your balcony or at your porch but its best done in the morning.
  • Trampoline – You need a bit of space with this one though but once its installed, its fun for everyone. And you sweat like mad.
  • Car wash – This is a great workout idea, especially if do so under the sun. imagine having to chase after wet spots before they dry up.
  • Wrestling – This is a fun activity if you have someone to wrestle with.
  • Learn from instructors – There are many fitness instructors who provide classes on YouTube and Instagram. Watch and follow them.

When you do not have the equipment to workout?

So, what happens when you are staying in an apartment or condominium and have no access to workout equipment? You can try out the following:

  • Air cycling – Lie down and place your feet upwards. Go with a cycling motion and do this for 10 minutes each day.
  • Cat Cow – Go down on all fours. Move your head upwards and down again.
  • Bird Dog – Place a yoga mat on the ground and be on all fours. Extend and straighten your right leg and your left arm simultaneously. Then do the same for the other side. 10 times each.
  • Do the bridge – This is a common Yoga pose. Lie down facing upwards and then elevate your waist. Ensure your hands are flat on the ground and your feet are firm.
  • Planks – Do the planks. There are a few types. Try one for 5 times and then move your way up with the next. There are Side Star, Low Plank Arm, Reverse, Low Side, High Side Plank Knee Tuck, Low Side Plank Crunch, Extended Plank, Confused, and Wide plank moves.
  • Tick Tock – This is quite challenging. Ensure your body is well warmed-up. You go down on all fours. Then move your feet up like you are about to do a front somersault. Do this slowly until your feet reach the opposite side of the floor. Then turn back. Be very careful with this.
  • Russian Twist – A great workout for your hips and waist. Start by sitting down, lift your feet about a foot above the ground, then move your waist from left to right. You should carry a light dumbbell with two hands while doing this.
  • The Superman pose – You go into a position like Superman flying on the floor. Start with your hands and feet close to your body. Then stretch your arms forward and elevate your feet slightly above the ground. Hold still for a minute. Then retract. Continue for 10 times.
  • Child’s pose – Start on a kneeling position, then slowly move into a seated position as low to the ground as possible. Your head should be slowing moving downwards as well. Then retract to the original position and repeat.