Working Out Myths Debunked! Wrong exercise moves can have reverse effect

Can unused muscle turn into fat?

NOT TRUE. Muscles will never turn into fat. This is no magic, it is just not possible. Muscle is made up of protein, amino acids, and water mostly. They cannot turn into fat or adipose in any way naturally possible.

Is it better to work out in the morning?

If your plan is to lose weight or for slimming, then yes it is. But if you are going for training, it can be at any time of the day.

I must stretch before I start a workout to avoid betting injured

Stretching loosens some muscle tissues but if they are too loose and you go for something rigorous straight after, it might cause injury too.

Some workouts are targeted to reduce certain parts of my body

NOT TRUE! There really is no such thing as spot reducing. You can work out certain parts to build muscles though.

Does eating certain types of food increase certain body parts?

Eating French Fries will not increase the size of your thighs. Eating certain foods will not increase certain parts of your body at all.

Cardiovascular workouts are best to burn fat

Make no mistake about it. Cardiovascular workouts burn CALORIES not FAT. Take note:

  • Even if you are doing cardiovascular workouts and not monitoring your calorie intakes, it will be counterproductive
  • Doing too many cardiovascular exercises might not be as effective as all. Moderation is the key.
  • Cardio can burn into your muscle tissue so it slows down metabolism.

Building muscles will increase my weight because they are heavier than fat

Whatever mass it is, the weight it carries is the same. One kilogram of paper is the same as one kilogram of steel.

Your body size becomes bigger if you carry weight

This is important!

  • Carrying weights do not necessarily make you bigger.
  • It strengthens your muscle and bones.
  • This is very important for women as they grow older.
  • Older women are prone to osteoporosis so stronger bones helps.

I must go to the gym to do stretch training

Totally untrue. You can do stretch training anywhere as long as you are comfortable.

I must have worked out a lot because I am sweating a lot

Sweating varies among everyone. A person who sweats a lot is actually someone who is healthier.

Isotonic drinks are the best to rehydrate my body after a workout

Isotonic (sports) drinks and water do not necessarily help to rehydrate your body after a workout. The best is to take Himalayan sea salt.

Pain means my body is getting healthier

Your body needs time to repair itself. You must know when to take breaks. If the sore is more than 3 days, it means your body is recovering. ‘No pain no gain’ is not entirely true. If you feel the pain, take a break. Don’t aggravate it.

Which is the best workout for me?

The best workout for you is one which you are comfortable with and you enjoy.