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Exercise-Induced Orgasm – Orgasm During Exercise? Possible with abdominal workouts

A recent study made a startling discovery when it was found that some women actually reach orgasm during exercise. The study was published in a Sexual and Relationship Therapy journal where the researchers found that female orgasm is sometimes reached through several types of exercises.
This includes weight lifting, biking or spinning, climbing poles or ropes and abdominal exercises. The term ‘coregasm’ has been used for a while now. It refers to exercising the core abdominal muscles to reach orgasm where the recent findings added new insights.

Exercising needs to be carried out and if exercising can bring about a certain level of sexual satisfaction, then it would be quite ideal. However, in suggesting that exercising can help a woman reach orgasm does not actually mean anything sexual but it shows that the body is able to adapt to different situations to reach orgasm.

The findings came about through online surveys where the respondents admitted that they had an orgasm while exercising while a large group had reported to have experienced something called an EISP or exercise-induced sexual pleasure. Having an orgasm while exercising is known as EIO (Exercise-induced orgasm).

It must be noted that the most common workouts associated with EIO are abdominal exercises and almost half of the respondents said that they have experienced it and ‘done it’ at least 10 times and were self-conscious when doing so. After all, there were studies that show that sexual satisfaction could be hard to achieve while there were even links between throat cancer and oral sex.

So, the next time you hit the gym to get rid of the fats and is thinking about doing something ‘out-of-the-blue’, perhaps you can consider doing more abdominal exercises?