Vitamins & Minerals

Do you know that not all vitamins are needed by your body on a daily basis? The best source of vitamins and minerals are through the food that you take but there are some which are available without consuming food.

Vitamins for healthy living

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins that your body will need in order to build a strong immune system. It is easily available on most fruits, particularly from oranges. Meanwhile, Vitamin D is good for your skin which can be obtained from the sunlight. Other vitamins like A, K and the B Complexes are equally as important.

Minerals to build strong body

While you will obtain vitamins from various sources, minerals are needed as well. This is where you body will need the likes of magnesium, copper, zinc and others in order to build a strong body. These minerals will help to strengthen your body structure, bones and muscles and other body parts.
In most cases, you can find these minerals from the foods that you take each day. However, if that is not enough and you have an imbalanced diet, you can always obtain these nutrition from supplements.

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Vitamins & Minerals


Vitamins & Minerals


Vitamins & Minerals


Vitamins & Minerals


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